ICANN's Registry Audits Begin Next Week. Are You Prepared?

By ARI Registry Services
ARI Registry Services

New Top-Level Domain (TLD) operators should be on alert next Monday 23 March when ICANN will formally notify the Registries it has selected to form part of this year's contractual compliance audit program.

Clients of ARI Registry Services' recently launched Operational Services Program will have their ICANN Registry audit completed for them at no charge, enabling them to have the confidence of partnering with a proven provider of compliance services.

After completing the ICANN audit on behalf of the شبكة. (web in Arabic and pronounced "shabaka") TLD in the last round of ICANN audits, ARI Registry Services is uniquely qualified to assist any applicant from around the world.

The ARI compliance and policy team has been working tirelessly within the ICANN community in the last few years, and have assisted a large number of TLDs with their non-technical requirements which places ARI Registry Services uniquely as the world's premier end-to-end TLD provider.

ICANN's goal is to ensure Registries comply with their agreements and consensus policies through prevention, enforcement and resolution procedures. The contractual compliance audit program is an important part of achieving this goal, and the stringent auditing process will assess compliance with key obligations under the Registry Agreement with ICANN, which includes technical, operational, abuse and policy elements.

To date, ICANN's compliance department has been ramping up efforts to enforce agreements and this has seen it aggressively roll out the contractual compliance audit program.

All Registries contacted by ICANN on Monday with a request for information will be required to respond to the audit within 15 business days and ARI Registry Services will be offering assistance to a number of Registry Operators, irrespective of the TLD's backend provider.

For those that are contacted by ICANN, we would encourage you to contact us immediately so we can help you respond within your 15 day deadline.

Those that are not contacted by ICANN will not be included in this round, however should remain vigilant in their approach to compliance as ICANN have stated, each TLD will be audited within a three year rotating audit program.

Ensure you're prepared for ICANN's audit by contacting ARI Registry Services today to discover how we can help you. Email: info@ariservices.com

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