Radix Launches .Space for Individuals, Freelancers and Professionals

By Radix

Radix, Asia's largest portfolio nTLD applicant, launched its latest high potential domain extension, .space into Sunrise on 17th November 2014. The extension is positioned as a much needed platform for individuals, freelancers and professionals alike to present their own unique personality to the world via a short, memorable and meaningful online address.

.space gives a user a broad namespace to create a website that represents them and gives them the flexibility of utilizing it as a social, professional, portfolio or a site to amalgamate all their various interests.

.space carries with itself the spirit of creativity, freedom and entrepreneurship. Its possible uses range from a plug-in of all your different social profiles to a showcase of your skills to potential customers. Therefore, while the focus is on individuals, the purpose isn't necessarily casual.

According to US labor statistics research (2013), there are 22 million non-employer businesses in US which is expected to grow to 65 million by the year 2020. Other research studies pegs the number of freelancers in the Europe at above 8 million. In addition there are millions of other self-employed professionals around the world in need of their individual identities on the internet.

According to Sandeep Ramchandani, Business Head of Radix, "We believe .space domains fill a large void in the new TLD market. It is more than just a personal or a professional extension; it is an answer to the potent need of hobbyists, groups and freelancers whose passion or work is an intrinsic part of their personality."

Radix has priced .space at 'well below' all existing classic and new TLDs, in order to drive strong early momentum and accelerate its path to mass adoption.

"Driving consumer awareness and communicating our value proposition in an overcrowded nTLD market is our biggest challenge. We are building an aggressive, multi-pronged marketing campaign for 2015. Our plan has always been to invest behind building a market for a small number of high-potential TLDs. .space adds a great dimension which was so far missing, not only in our portfolio, but from the entire nTLD marketplace" — adds Sandeep.

.space currently in the sunrise phase and will hit General Availability on 28th January, 2015.

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