Mobile Web Traffic: A Dive Into the Data

By Afilias Mobile & Web Services
Afilias Mobile & Web Services

We all know that web site traffic from mobile devices is increasing rapidly. But what does it actually consist of? What devices are more popular or how large is the fraction of "non-human" traffic? There have been many reports and analysis done on web traffic in general, but there are also a couple of good reasons to look inside mobile web traffic data, that is, traffic to websites optimized for mobile device use.

Types of Visits to Mobile Sites (mobiForge)One of the reasons is that mobile traffic is not all the same. There is a huge diversity of devices, from low-end feature phones equipped with WAP browsers to high-end smartphones with browsers meeting the most recent standards. Apart from browser differences, network capabilities make another set of properties varying across different devices. But nearly the most visible feature of this diversity is the wide range of device screen sizes. All the factors above can't be overestimated when we talk about user-focused web design or user experience.

Another reason for detailed analysis is the fact that device markets change quite rapidly. Therefore, it is essential to understand the trends, in order to be able to respond adequately to users' needs.

The analysis is based on the traffic to thousands of mobile websites serving customers in many countries from each part of the world. The data used for the analysis covers the period of July-August 2014. The classification was done based on User-Agent (UA) strings recognition using DeviceAtlas API.

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