New gTLD Retrospective at ICANN 50

By Jacob Malthouse
Jacob Malthouse

On Wednesday June 25th from 10-12am in the Sovereign Room applicants and key community members will debate what worked, what didn't and what's next for new gTLDs.

The event has been organized by the RySG & NTAG as the first community led dialogue on the 2012 new gTLD round since 'reveal day' two years ago.

Rather than have panelists deliver presentations, the session will be an open dialogue both between panel members and the audience. It is split into two fifty minute discussion sessions.

The first panel will feature applicants from across the new gTLD spectrum, including brands, portfolio, geographic and communities, all of which prominently featured as new actors in the round.

The second panel includes key stakeholders that helped craft the guidebook and implementation. Representatives from government, intellectual property, registrars, at-large, and ccTLDs will all share their insights.

In addition, NTAG will present the initial results of an exit survey of RySG members who have taken at least one new gTLD application through to contracting.

The New gTLD Round is far from over. ICANN recently published the last initial evaluation result and has just begun to hold auctions. However, it has also been two years since reveal day and many applicants and community members want to share their thoughts and views on what has happened thus far — and what could come next.

Audience question and answer will be a key part of the session. Please attend and think about what questions you want panelists to consider.

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By Jacob Malthouse, Fmr UNEP Staffer, Ex ICANN VP, Co-founder dot-eco domain registry.. Visit the blog maintained by Jacob Malthouse here.

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