Building and Construction Industry Focused .BUILD Domain Names Are Now Available

By ARI Registry Services
ARI Registry Services

The building and construction industry is set for a digital revolution with the .BUILD Top-Level Domain available for public registrations.

Appealing to businesses large and small, .BUILD is designed specifically for the online needs of the building industry and beyond. From roads to skyscrapers to homes, .BUILD is the new Internet real estate for builders of every kind. Contractors and those associated with the industry around the world will now be able to more accurately represent themselves online with a .BUILD web address and email.

"We are thrilled with the positive reaction we have seen to the .BUILD domain name in both the building and construction industry as well as the Internet community", said George Minardos, CEO of .BUILD. "It's very clear there is a recognition that .BUILD will greatly enhance the online identity of our large and global industry and we are glad to have a reputable technology provider like ARI Registry Services as our partner."

As the appointed technical provider for .BUILD, ARI Registry Services is powering the launch and technical operations of this global domain name in a highly secure and reliable manner.

Jeremy Ebbels, General Manager Registry Services Division at ARI Registry Services, congratulated .BUILD on this significant milestone.

"ARI Registry Services is extremely proud to support the launch of the .BUILD TLD. Given its easily identifiable purpose, the strong support shown by top tier Registrars signing up to sell the domain name, and with the flawless performance of our registry, we expect great things for .BUILD. Targeted TLDs like this are changing the way the Internet is used and it is exciting to continually be at the forefront of this innovative new era." Mr Ebbels said.

Today's milestone marks an important step in the launch of .BUILD as it officially becomes available for registrations on a first-come, first-serve basis at 15:00 UTC on 29 April 2014. .BUILD will be more than just another generic Top Level Domain, it will be an online community dedicated to serving the global building and construction industry through enhanced search, website design, a clear identity, relevant information and virtual markets.

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