Thinking Outside the Internet

By Bob Frankston
Bob Frankston

Below is a talk I gave at Google in Cambridge January 6, 2014. Some may know this as Ambient or Borderless Connectivity, but I’m titling this post as "Thinking Outside the Internet." It builds on my Three Stages of Digital theme, outlining how we are shifting from a telecom-centric framing with meaning and value inside the wire to today’s Internet in which meaning and value are no longer contained within channels.

In this article I go into more detail about the distinction between connectivity and the message passing that makes devices like cell phones gatekeeping intermediaries.

The talk builds on the ideas in Refactoring CE and other writings. I’m now using the term “Borderless connectivity” which may work better than “Permissionless Ambient Connectivity” to emphasize the theme of thinking outside the Internet.

Below is the video recording followed by the first few slides from the presentation:

By Bob Frankston, Independent Internet Professional. Bob has been online and using/building computer networks since 1966. He is the co-creator of the VisiCalc spreadsheet program and the co-founder of Software Arts, the company that developed it, and is a fellow of the IEEE, ACM and the Computer History Museum.

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