Syria Disconnects From The Internet

By Dan York
Dan York

This morning brought word that all Internet connections into Syria had been severed. Internet monitoring firm Renesys was among the first to report the news in a blog post that they have continued to update.

That news was subsequently confirmed by other sites and services, including:

Google's Transparency Report
Akamai's traffic map
Arbor Networks monitoring

Many news stories are appearing throughout the tech media and mainstream media. Twitter is very active with the hashtags #Syria and #SyriaBlackout getting heavy usage.

Multiple reports indicate that all Internet, cell phone and landline connections to all or most of the country have been severed. There are numerous reports of military action but obviously without communication from within the country it is hard to know exactly what is happening there.

Hopefully Internet access will be restored soon and we can learn what has happened. My thoughts are certainly with all the people there on the ground as these events continue to unfold.

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CloudFlare Digs Into Some More Details Dan York  –  Nov 29, 2012 2:20 PM PDT

The folks over at content distribution network CloudFlare have dug into what happened a bit more and have posted this article about the removal of all BGP routes into Syria:

Internet Society statement on Syria Dan York  –  Nov 29, 2012 3:27 PM PDT

Related to this, the Internet Society has issued this statement related to the situation in Syria:’s-internet-shutdown

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