Nominum and IBM Partner Around Big Data

By Nominum

Nominum's N2 platform integrates with IBM's Big Data platform, enabling valuable insights from vast amounts of DNS data

Nominum, the world's leading provider of integrated subscriber, network, and security solutions for network operators, today announced that they have become an IBM Big Data and an IBM PureSystems Business Partner. Through this, IBM joins the Nominum IDEAL™ ecosystem of application providers. Nominum and IBM deliver a first-class offering that enables their network operator customers to gain deeper insights at the network and application level from the 1 trillion plus DNS queries processed daily by the N2 platform.

The collaboration between Nominum and IBM has resulted in two business partnership agreements as follows:

"The work we have done with Nominum's IDEAL ecosystem expands our analytics options for customers and significantly improves a previously time intensive process, in addition to providing them with deeper, quicker insights," said Bruce Weed, program director, IBM Big Data. "Our customers produce massive amounts of data and Nominum's technology is powerful enough to process the vast size while also producing actionable insights that are easy to incorporate into applications. We are pleased to partner with companies like Nominum that share our goal of creating strategic solutions for network operators."

"Nominum's N2 Platform complements IBM's solutions because it provides a richer understanding of network activity that has been historically difficult and expensive to extract and increases IBM customers' return on investment," said Daniel Blasingame, vice president of OEM Solutions at Nominum. "This integration work also serves to reflect Nominum's belief that Big Data is a major opportunity for network operators and enterprises. The integration of our N2 platform with the IBM Big Data solutions allows network operators to utilize insights from network and subscriber activity for increased monetization."

Nominum and IBM are making the announcement from IBM's annual Information On Demand (IOD) show in Las Vegas, Nevada. IBM utilizes the show as a place to showcase the full breadth of IBM Information Management technologies and experts. At the show, Nominum will showcase for the very first time, the fully integrated version of the N2 and the IBM Big data platforms to illustrate the power of the combined technologies.

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