Making ICANN Relevant, Responsive and Respected

By Jean-Jacques Subrenat
Jean-Jacques Subrenat

Understandably, just now new gTLDs are uppermost in the minds of people in the domain name business. For the general Internet user, some other issues retain their crucial importance: upholding the global public interest, enhancing governance within ICANN and beyond, making the Multi-Stakeholder Model (MSM) truly efficient, sustainable, and equitable.

"Making ICANN Relevant, Responsive and Respected" ("R3") sets out to identify the main challenges facing the Internet community, especially in ICANN, and offers recommendations in each of the areas explored. The six co-authors, who hail from various parts of the world, consider that we have entered a period of significant change (introduction of new gTLDs, uncertainty about the attribution of the IANA function, appointment of ICANN's next CEO...). By making their "R3" paper widely available online just a few days before the ICANN-44 meeting in Prague, the co-authors hope to contribute to the widening debate on "where do we go from here?".

The full document can be viewed here: R3

The process followed in the ALAC is detailed here

By Jean-Jacques Subrenat, Ambassador (ret.). Visit the blog maintained by Jean-Jacques Subrenat here.

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