eco: 100K PCs Cleaned Through Anti-Botnet Center

By Wout de Natris
Wout de Natris

eco, the German ISP association, mentions on its website today that the 100,000th PC was cleaned from infection through its PC cleaning program. Since 15 September, German account holders could visit the website to download tools to clean up computers from digital infections.

Botfrei ("botfree", translation WdN) is a cooperation between eco and the German government. First figures seem to prove that this is a successful public-private partnership, worth looking into for other countries as a best practice.

Remember the 30,000 infections per day Australia's ACMA reported recently? As we see eco's figures and consider that the figures eco gives are only of people who have visited the botfrei website, we again see some staggering figures on computer infections.

By Wout de Natris, Consultant international cooperation cyber crime + trainer spam enforcement. Visit the blog maintained by Wout de Natris here.

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Small correction to text Wout de Natris  –  Dec 06, 2010 10:31 AM PST

Please read 30.000 pc's infected in Australia per day.

Re: Small correction to text Admin  –  Dec 06, 2010 10:51 AM PST

Correction made in post.