ICANN Begins Public DNSSEC Test Plan for the Root Zone

By CircleID Reporter

The deployment of Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) for the root zone got an official start today with its public signing for the first time. DNSSEC for the root zone is a joint effort between ICANN and VeriSign, with support from the U.S. Department of Commerce to improve security of the Internet's naming infrastructure.

Kim Davies, ICANN's Manager of Root Zone Services, says: "What happened today was the deliberately un-validatable root zone started being published on l.root-servers.net. It is anticipated this will be rolled out across the other root servers over the coming months. This phase is designed to identify any issues with the larger DNS response sizes associated with DNSSEC data."

For up to date status of the root signing deployment project, see http://www.root-dnssec.org/.

Updates:  UPDATED Jan 27, 2010 6:17 PM PST
Official Announcement from ICANN Jan.27.2010
L-Root now serving "DURZ" signed responses DNS-OARC, Jan.27.2010

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Not a test Stephane Bortzmeyer  –  Jan 28, 2010 1:43 AM PST

Why calling it a test? It is the real deployment.