Mobile Broadband in Africa and the GCC Countries

By Ewan Sutherland
Ewan Sutherland

The story of the growth of pre-paid mobile voice and SMS in Africa and the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council is well known. The challenge is to move to mobile broadband, which is seen as having potentially explosive growth. Operators will need to create new value propositions, they face significant internal challenges and risk being displaced by rivals moving faster or better able to understand and meet the needs of customers.

Delta Partners estimates that mobile broadband in Africa could be worth USD2.9 billion and in the "Middle East" could be worth USD3.0 billion. This depends on the speed of deployment of 3G networks and competition driving down prices of backhaul, both national and international.

Delta Partners has published a 12-page report entitled Mobile Broadband in MEA: Promises opportunity but not a smooth ride

By Ewan Sutherland, Telecommunications Policy Analyst. Visit the blog maintained by Ewan Sutherland here.

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