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Managing Outbound Spam: A New DNS-based Approach For Stopping Abuse (Webinar)

Spam sent from infected subscribers creates a significant cost to service providers.

This webinar will discuss a unique solution that has helped customers eliminate up to 90% of outbound spam without generating false-positives or adding new appliances in the network.

Presented by Craig Sprosts
GM, Fixed Broadband Solutions, Nominum

Craig has spent the last 10 years creating and promoting innovative technologies to secure ISP and enterprise networks and make it easier for people to stay safe online. Prior to Nominum, Craig worked at IronPort Systems, managing their anti-spam and anti-malware products. He led their security research team and launched tools such as senderbase.org that help network operators identify and prevent spam and abusive communications originating from their network. Craig holds five security-related patents and received a Bachelor of Science from the State University of New York at Albany and an MBA from MIT's Sloan School of Management.

Learn NEW techniques to reduce these costs

While various approaches, including outbound port 25 management, have been around for many years they all have certain limitations.

This unique DNS-based approach involves two aspects:

  1. Blocking the communication channel between the infected computer and malicious sites such as command and control servers and
  2. Redirecting or blocking MX queries from infected hosts.

The webinar will provide:

  • Real-world data from two ISP's on actual results after implementing these techniques
  • A comparison of the DNS based approach vs. others such as port 25 blocking or use of DPI
  • A discussion on the business benefits of investing in outbound spam protection
  • Questions and answers on outbound abuse management


Tuesday, April 24, 2012 – Two sessions offered:

Win an iPad!

One iPad will be given out after the webinar. You must attend to win.*

* Contest dates valid April 2, 2012 through April 28, 2012. Void where prohibited. One iPad, not exceeding $1000.00 to be given away by the contest sponsor, Nominum Inc. Winners chosen by random drawing and entered into drawing by attending the webinar and completing a short survey. Winner will be notified by email 5 days after the event. No second chance drawings and the odds of winning depend upon the number of entries received. For U.S. Residents only, employees of Nominum, and their family members, are exempt from the contest.

By Nominum, Leader in DNS Software & Internet Activity Applications – Nominum is the innovation leader in DNS software and Internet Activity Applications. The company's Vantio™ CacheServe software powers the Internet for the world's largest CSPs in 40 countries. Vantio™ ThreatAvert software arms CSP's with the power to stop the spread of inside threats such as botnets and DNS-based DDoS amplification attacks that could impact network availability and reputation. Nominum's N2 applications enable CSP's marketing and customer care teams to leverage subscribers' Internet Activity to better engage, build brand loyalty, improve marketing ROI, and open up new business models. Nominum is a global organization headquartered in Redwood City, CA. Visit Page

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