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Dyn Inc. Acquires EditDNS and Launches Dynect SMB

Dynamic Network Services Inc. (Dyn Inc.), today announced the acquisition of EditDNS and the launch of Dynect SMB, offered on its IT services storefront, DynDNS.com, further cementing its position as the world's fastest growing provider of managed DNS. The acquisition of EditDNS is Dyn Inc.'s second in 2010, preceded by January's purchase of EveryDNS.

Dyn Inc. continues to follow through on its commitment to playing a large part in the consolidation of the DNS space, while improving the Domain Name System, overall. "There is no doubt in my mind that we are doing the right thing by handing our company off to Dyn," said Tyler Hall, Founder of EditDNS, a Phoenix based DNS company. "Dyn has been the leader in the industry for a very long time and has always stepped up when other competitors, such as us, needed help. They're here to make DNS better and that's why they are ahead of everyone else,"

Today also marks the formal launch of Dynect SMB, an entry point for small and medium sized businesses and startups in need of rock-solid globally redundant Anycast DNS infrastructure, demanding the lowest possible DNS latency (the Dynect Network delivers sub 30ms DNS lookup times), and seeking robust APIs (SOAP and REST) to tie into cloud services like Amazon AWS, GoGrid, Rackspace Cloud, Heroku or Joyent.

"Alongside the acquisition of EditDNS, Dynect SMB showcases our dedication to servicing customers of all sizes and scopes," said Kyle York, Dyn Inc., VP Sales & Marketing. "We originally built the Dynect Platform for two reasons. One, we did an audit of our consumer network and realized several big companies were using it and wanted more. Two, we realized that the premium Anycast DNS market lacked options and we could offer choice. Dynect SMB is our answer for SMBs and competitively positions us against low-cost providers like DNS Made Easy, Zone Edit, TZO and DNS.com."

Dynect SMB bridges the gap between their consumer service DynDNS.com's Custom DNS ($30/year) and their comprehensive Anycast solution, the Dynect Platform ($195/month and up) for enterprise organizations. Dyn Inc. has developed a reputation as an agile and affordable company that obsessively supports the scalability of its customers, yet to be known startups on Dynect SMB: Etacts, Weedle, Geek Call and Extole, to unprecedented Web success stories on the Dynect Platform: Pandora, GoWalla, Twitter and Zappos. "Growing quickly can be a real hazard to new businesses, so it made more sense for me to start with something I could grow into, rather than grow out of," said Dynect SMB user Peter Combs, Do it Yourself Solar Photovoltaics. "Dynect SMB is an affordable option that gives my business the competitive edge to grow."

Dynect SMB offers two packages based on Web traffic (Queries per Month) and number of domain names. With any package, customers will have full access to Dyn Inc.'s 14 global Anycast datacenters (growing to 17 PoPs by year end), Dynamic DNS, an easy to manage user interface, multiple login capability, REST/SOAP APIs and affordable monthly plans starting at only $30/month.

"Dyn Inc has now positioned itself as an Internet Infrastructure company, providing core technology that is always available to individuals and enterprises," said Jeremy Hitchcock, CEO of Dyn Inc. "Stay tuned for further product launches and acquisition news over the coming months."

By Oracle Dyn, Internet Performance Solutions – The Oracle Dyn Global Business Unit is a pioneer in managed DNS and a leader in cloud-based infrastructure that connects users with digital content and experiences across a global internet. Visit Page

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