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Buying or Selling IPv4 Addresses?

ACCELR/8 is a transformative market solution developed by industry veterans Marc Lindsey and Janine Goodman to enable organizations looking to buy or sell blocks as small as /20s keep pace with the evolving demands of the IPv4 market by applying the same processes that have delivered value for many of the largest market participants.

After observing the disparity that exists between different tiers of the market, we concluded that the same quality and professionalism enjoyed by the large block traders should be available to all segments of the market. And we believe that technology-enabled services are the key to successfully delivering a market solution for all buyers and sellers. Our new IPv4 trading platform, ACCELR/8, does just that.

Marc Lindsey, President & Co-founder, Avenue4

What makes the ACCELR/8 trading platform unique in the industry:

  • Buyers and sellers can trade IPv4 blocks from their desktops, smartphones or tablets
  • An automated matching engine helps users find matching orders based on their self-selected buy and sell order criteria
  • ACCELR/8 uses mature IPv4 transaction processing, including a workflow that encompasses the full transaction lifecycle

About Avenue4

Years before there was an IPv4 market, Avenue4 founder Marc Lindsey's IPv4 expertise was widely recognized. As early as 2008, as head of technology transactions in his law firm practice, Marc advised large block holders in connection with their IPv4 assets as part of outsourcing arrangements, M&A-related transactions, and interactions/negotiations with the regional Internet registries. When the market began to emerge, he expanded his legal engagements to advise several of the earliest and largest market participants, including Nortel in support of its transaction with Microsoft in 2011. From these early engagements, Marc developed a niche legal and commercial IPv4 market counseling service, and became the trusted advisor to several /8 holders and other early-stage market players.

In September 2014 — when there were already a handful of IPv4 brokerage firms — Marc and his co-founder, Janine Goodman, launched Avenue4 to bring transparency, reliability, professionalism, and substantive knowledge to all aspects of the IPv4 marketplace.

Avenue4's premium advisory services cover the entire IPv4 transaction lifecycle, including conducting due diligence; developing go-to-market strategies; matching buyers with sellers; identifying value-enhancing opportunities; structuring transactions that maximize opportunity and value, while reducing risk for our clients; negotiating and closing transactions; facilitating intra- and inter-RIR registration transfers and maintaining IPv4 registry records and preserving entitlements.

Large block sellers recognize the value of our services. Avenue4's IPv4 advisory services for /8 and other large IPv4 block holders have generated over $200 million in market transactions.

Get in touch:

To learn more about how ACCELR/8 works and how to sign up, or how Avenue4 can help you achieve your IPv4 acquisition or monetization objectives, please visit the ACCELR/8 website or contact us here.

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