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Key Success Factors for Top-Level Domains: An Evaluation Grid

It isn't always easy to explain the whys and wherefores of domain name market trends. Major indicators such as growth are usually generalised, given that they are based on data common to all stakeholders, but the causes behind fluctuations are hard to pin down. And structural causes need to be separated from cyclical ones, which may be the source of major variations, as was the case with the domaining waves in China, without actually reflecting long-term market trends.

At a finer level of granularity than the market as a whole, we have the major top-level domain segments: Legacy, country-code TLDs, new TLDs, and those that extend even further to .CORP / .BRAND and geoTLD, etc.

Might it be possible to develop a common key to understanding all of these "levels" of granularity that, without going as far as to explain it, at least clarifies the structural causes of the trends observed for both the domain name market as a whole and a simple TLD? That is the exercise that we are applying ourselves to here, proposing a model called the "7As" in reference to the first letters of the words that make it up. Learn more here.

By Loic Damilaville, Market Research Manager at Afnic

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