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Legacy TLD .ORG Takes On New Branding Focus as Part of a New Transformative Journey, Says PIR

Public Interest Registry (PIR), the non-profit organization in charge of operating the 34-year-old legacy top-level domain .ORG on Tuesday revealed a new global brand, including a new visual identity and a new website named According to PIR, the rebrand was created to build on .ORG's long-time support of the organizations, associations, clubs, businesses and individuals using the domain, but to also take the commitment a step further and actively unite .ORG communities around shared interests and passions.

Jonathan Nevett, CEO of Public Interest Registry, told CircleID: "For more than 30 years, .ORG has served as a powerful platform for mission-driven communities to unite around a common interest, and that's an important legacy to uphold. But quite simply, the world around us is everchanging and how people connect with brands and companies has changed too — the domain industry is not exempt." Nevett added:

"As stewards of the .ORG domain, we need to remain adaptable to how that change is affecting our registrants' connection to .ORG and their ability to use it to achieve mission success. A new look and feel, and a new brand positioning helps us do that."

"The refreshed .ORG brand will help us continue to cultivate its reputation as a trustworthy platform where individuals and organizations can bring their ideas to life. We also hope the new education and outreach initiatives connected to the .ORG rebrand will ultimately bring together registrants and champion their voices online."

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