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The .cancerresearch TLD: Search for Cure Drives Digital Innovation

The world's leading charity-driven Top-Level Domain has continued to blaze a trail, with the launch of a new website on the .cancerresearch TLD.

Coinciding with the launch of the International Centre for the Proteome of Human Cancer (ProCan™), the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) has added www.procan.cancerresearch to its growing network of sites on the .cancerresearch TLD.

CEO of ACRF Professor Ian Brown said that www.procan.cancerresearch was the first project-based .cancerresearch site run by an ACRF grant recipient.

".cancerresearch is an internet domain extension that has a collaborative vision. It's about bringing together the greatest minds and movements for cancer research. And it will help support ProCan's goal to transform the way in which cancer is diagnosed and treated," Professor Brown said.

ProCan will gather and analyze about 70,000 samples of all types of cancer from all over the world to develop a library of information to advance scientific discovery and enhance clinical treatment worldwide.

"This information will be available to everyone — its intention is to improve the identification and delivery of treatment options, build awareness and education around cancer itself, the amazing progress that has been made in relation to its cure and to provide hope for those who are ever affected by this horrible disease," Professor Brown said.

www.procan.cancerresearch complements existing TLD sites such as www.home.cancerresearch, www.breast.cancerresearch and www.donate.cancerresearch, which are all part of the network of websites designed to provide reliable and trusted cancer related information to the global community.

Head of Professional Services at Neustar Tony Kirsch said it was great to see ACRF continue to innovate and use their new TLD to its full potential.

"This is such an important cause, one that is very close to many of us, so it's wonderful to see digital innovation play a role in reaching a global audience in the search for a cure," Mr Kirsch said.

"From the start, ACRF has embraced its new TLD, demonstrating a strong understanding of its value and a true commitment to innovation. I commend them on their efforts and congratulate them on the ProCan project."

Mr Kirsch said it was vital for the industry to see innovative approaches to using TLDs.

"There is no doubt that .cancerresearch provides a significant real world example of how a TLD can be used to create a digital movement that helps to overcome one of the largest challenges facing society today," he said.

"From .brands to generic and geographic TLDs, .cancerresearch serves as a brilliant example for new TLD owners."


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