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FBI Withheld Warning Democratic National Committee of Suspected Russian Role in Hack

"FBI took months to warn Democrats of suspected Russian role in hack," by Mark Hosenball and John Walcott in Washington and Joseph Menn in San Francisco reporting in Reuters: "The FBI did not tell the Democratic National Committee that U.S officials suspected it was the target of a Russian government-backed cyber attack when agents first contacted the party last fall, three people with knowledge of the discussions told Reuters."

Russian hackers believed to be affiliated with the Russian government continued to have access to Democratic Party computers for months during the critical phase in the U.S. presidential campaign, the sources have said.

Neither side is serious about cybersecurity, Col. Cedric Leighton wrote today in The Hill: "This cyberattack has implications for every political group and, frankly, every organization in the U.S. From the Republicans to the Libertarians to the Greens, to your bank, our electric grid and your place of work, it's way past time for America to have a rational and informed discussion about cybersecurity."

— "[C]ybersecurity is far too important to leave in the hands of a checklist-minded information technology (IT) staff. It requires the consistent attention of every organization's most senior leaders. Those senior leaders need to incentivize their IT and security teams, as well as their suppliers, to deploy the most effective cybersecurity solutions available." –Leighton

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