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US Department of Commerce Reports on Open Internet, Privatization of DNS

RELEASED TODAY – Report form U.S. Department of Commerce: "Enabling Growth and Innovation in the Digital Economy" ... "The report articulates the Department of Commerce’s philosophy for digital economy policymaking and demonstrates the many ways in which the Department has pursued its policy agenda consistent with that philosophy." –Penny Pritzker, U.S. Secretary of Commerce

Page 6, "Ensuring the Global Free Flow of Information Online ... Recently, some governments around the world have explored and employed a variety of technical, legal, and administrative tools to restrict the “free flow” of data, limiting Internet routing and data storage to particular jurisdictions and limiting the kinds of content and data types that are permitted online… As a result, companies operating, or attempting to operate, in those jurisdictions face a host of barriers… barriers include forced localization requirements, market access limitations, censorship, legal liability rules, and customs measures."

Page 12, "Privatizing the Management of the Domain Name System ... Implementation of the transition plan and completion of the transition will help ensure the continued leadership of the private sector in making decisions related to the technical underpinning of the Internet. It also will counter attempts by some foreign governments that have used the U.S. government’s legacy role related to the DNS to argue that governments should control the Internet domain name system."

Full report: Full report: http://1.usa.gov/29eHPAI

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