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What are the World’s Most Popular Smartphones

In the US and Canada, iPhone 5/5S/5C and 6/6S were the most used smartphones in Q1 2016. Samsung Galaxy S5, S6 and S4 were the most popular Android devices. This pattern was also seen in Europe.

The latest quarterly report from DeviceAtlas on mobile device usage around the world reveals that Apple's iPhone continues to dominate browsing in many regions. And this is despite the fact that Android devices are more popular in terms of device sales. The report, which tracks the usage of mobile devices in different countries around the world, shines a light on the make-up of device markets in all major world markets.

Android fragmentation, Apple domination

Apple's iPhone models 5/5S/5C and 6/6S (but not 6 Plus/6S Plus) are the most used devices across the globe, even though market share favors Android in many markets.

Android fragmentation and Apple's more affluent demographic both play a role in this story. There are a huge amount of Android devices on the market compared to a relatively limited selection of iPhone devices, which makes it difficult for any one Android device to dominate.

This fact and the likelihood that iPhone users browse more because of the premium nature of Apple devices, coupled with higher penetration in urban areas with good connectivity, are likely drivers for the data. Android on the other hand is characterized by a huge range of devices at every possible price point including low-end Android phones aimed at more price sensitive users and emerging markets.

In the US and Canada, iPhone 5/5S/5C and 6/6S were the most used smartphones in Q1 2016. Samsung Galaxy S5, S6 and S4 were the most popular Android devices. This pattern was also seen in Europe.

Samsung is by far and away the dominant Android device manufacturer. Its Samsung Galaxy range had the largest user base in Q12016 in most countries analyzed. But many lesser known Android manufacturers also figure.

The statistics are based on mobile web traffic to a global network of websites that use the DeviceAtlas device detection platform.

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Written by Martin Clancy, Head of Marketing, Mobile & Web Services, Afilias

Afilias Mobile & Web Services

About Afilias Mobile & Web Services – Afilias Technologies Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Afilias plc, is an expert provider of mobile and web technologies that help companies to reach their customers, regardless of device, content, or context. Products include the DeviceAtlas device intelligence solution, the goMobi mobile website publishing solution and Developer tools such as mobiReady. Learn More

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