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News.Markets: A Rising Star in the World of Financial Trading and New TLDs

News.Markets is part of a community of pioneering financial specialists who are taking advantage of a different form of online marketing; the use of new TLDs, such as .Markets, to optimise their websites. And it looks like it is working.

News.Markets is a financial news website that is quickly becoming a hit amongst traders and investors. It provides cutting edge financial markets news and actionable insights to better inform investors around their investments.

The website was launched in June 2015 and less than a year later, it is receiving over 85,000 visits a month — and it continues to grow in popularity week by week. The fact that the site uses a new TLD in its web address makes this growth even more interesting.

What makes the .Markets TLD unique?

A .Markets TLD is a great way of making your financial business stand out with a distinctive and contextual web address, and News.Markets is a great example of that strategy in action. The URL is memorable and meaningful — a creative way of giving your clients and users a more positive brand experience from the start.

The .Markets domain registry is managed by Boston Ivy, a start-up that manages a range of top level domains unique to the financial industry, including the .Trading, .Forex, .Broker, .CFD and .Spreadbetting TLDs. The .Markets TLD was the first of Boston Ivy's TLD to launch, and has been the most popular to date in terms of domain names sold.

Speak to your audience

Boston Ivy uses News.Markets as a means to tap into the pool of new traders, providing them with financial updates and newsworthy items on companies across different sectors, and equipping them with information to enable them to make investment decisions. The news portal also appeals to more experienced traders who have identified their markets of interest and follow market movements religiously. The team of nine experienced financial journalists, spanning London and Singapore, is well placed to monitor global news and writes non-biased news pieces in a lively and informative way.

The use of a new TLD in the website address was in part experimental, to see how readers would accept a non-standard web address. In fact, it was quickly apparent that readers were clicking with confidence and the News.Markets web address is speaking clearly and authoritatively to its audience. As a result, Boston Ivy and its parent company IG have gone on to successfully leverage its other financial TLDs for websites such as Reviews.Spreadbetting, Learn.Spreadbetting and IG.Forex, with more in the pipeline.

For details on how to secure a domain name in one of Boston Ivy's TLDs, contact the Registry via info@bostonivy.co or visit one of Boston Ivy's accredited Registrars' websites. You can also follow the Registry's updates on Twitter: @BostonIvyReg

By Boston Ivy, Home of Financial Top Level Domains – Founded in early 2014, Boston Ivy is a company backed by IG Group, a global leader in online trading, that is providing some of the most specialised website domain extensions in the financial services sector. These include .broker, .forex, .cfd, .markets, .spreadbetting and .trading. With these domain extensions, Boston Ivy's vision is to create novel online spaces and communities that will become a first choice for informative and reliable content in addition to high quality services from the most trustworthy financial service providers. Visit Page

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