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New Case Study: Jobtome.com Replaces 30 Postfix Servers with a Single PowerMTA

This article was penned by Port25's reseller, Postmastery.com. They are a prominent reseller and authorized consultant of PowerMTA products and services. Feel free to reach out to them when needed.

Jobtome.com helps job seekers access millions of jobs gathered from hundreds of thousand's of recruitment agencies and employer sites across Europe. Jobtome.com helps companies reach millions of job seekers via pay-per-click based job advertising services.

The Challenge: Managing 30 Postfix Installations

Email is a key business driver within the Jobtome daily operation. The majority of customer interactions are facilitated via email. On a monthly basis Jobtome.com sends more than 300M emails (and growing). Their main challenges include but are not limited to:

  • Managing 30 Postfix installations on virtual servers was quite labor intensive;
  • The verification of deliverability through database queries was cumbersome and did not generate a comprehensive delivery performance overview;
  • Jobtome.com processed bounces separately on all the Postfix instances. A script checked the mailbox to elaborate bounces;
  • There were no Feedback loops in place.

The Solution: Replace 30 Postfix instances with 1 PowerMTA box...

Upon request, Postmastery conducted a requirement analysis into Jobtome.com email functionalities. The analysis showed that PowerMTA, was an obvious choice to manage volume. Postmastery installed all the required software and supported Jobtome in selecting the right on-premise email infrastructure (2x Xeon (16x core) processor, 32GB RAM and a 3x960GB SSD disk).

"The performance and stability of the PowerMTA based system is impressive. I would highly recommend Postmastery's services to any ESP or owner of a sending platform who considers an in-house email delivery solution". —Lorian Bevilacqua (Email specialist at Jobtome)

After an 8 week IP warm-up process and new outbound ISP configurations in place, including an extensive knowledge transfer, Jobtome.com began sending the first transactional and marketing related emails via the new platform in November 2015. The total volume or all email streams have now been migrated to the new self-hosted email infrastructure. Postmastery is now managing, monitoring and optimizing email delivery measures for Jobtome.com.

The Result: 2.5 million emails per hour

The results of the new self-hosted email solution are clear:

  • Sent 2.5 million emails in peak hour on one PowerMTA instance;
  • Average delivery time is 7 minutes. 90% emails are delivered instantly (1<minute);
  • More than 30 Postfix instances replaced by 1 PowerMTA;
  • Complex bounce processing which involved 12 Postfix instances replaced by a intelligent built-in bounce processor in same PowerMTA instance;
  • Fully automated and built-in Feedback loop processor in PowerMTA;
  • Delivery analytics through complex MySQLqueries is replaced with Postmastery's Delivery Analytics platform which runs at Google scale and offer a tailored online dashboard and email delivery alerts. Now there is more time for the analysis of the data and metrics at Jobtome.com

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