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SpotXchange Chooses DeviceAtlas to Target Ads to Specific Devices

Afilias today announced that the SpotXchange video ad platform has chosen DeviceAtlas as its device intelligence provider. DeviceAtlas is now powering all of SpotXchange's video ad requests ensuring that the right ads are delivered to the right audience, and campaign statistics are available at a device level.

Increasing device fragmentation has made for a new online landscape in which users can access video content on a myriad of devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, game consoles, and smart TVs. These devices vary greatly in terms of screen sizes, network connectivity, input methods, user contexts, and user posture.

Video ad platforms, such as SpotXchange, must now cater to the needs of advertisers willing to spend their video marketing budgets on device-targeted campaigns. This requires utilising a fast, accurate, and constantly updated device detection solution capable of handling billions of requests in real-time to ensure the right ads are delivered to the right audience, without any delay.

"SpotXchange is the world's leading video ad platform and thus we decided to partner with the world's leading device detection and intelligence solution," said Allen Klosowski, VP, Mobile and Connected Devices.

SpotXchange ad server requests trigger a DeviceAtlas API call, which analyses the requesting browser's HTTP headers and returns device type, such as low-end mobile phone, smartphone, tablet, Smart TV etc, as well as rich information on the device capabilities. The detections are underpinned by a constantly updated device database maintained by DeviceAtlas' team of data experts. On average DeviceAtlas handles some 5 billion mobile SpotXchange ad requests every day.

Applying DeviceAtlas-powered device detection allowed SpotXchange to further increase its video ad reach by providing ad buyers and publishers with deep device understanding. Device awareness as part of targeting and campaign analysis options allows SpotXchange partners to craft more engaging and better performing video ad campaigns.

Eileen O'Sullivan, COO of Afilias Technologies, said, "We are delighted to welcome SpotXchange on board as a DeviceAtlas customer. Video advertising is an exciting and fast growing space, and obviously one where mobile has a major role to play."

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