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List of New gTLD Availability & Key Information Provided for Download

New gTLDs are launching at a fast and furious pace. According to ICANN's latest timeline new gTLD registries are expected to launch through 2017.

To help brand owners stay informed, MarkMonitor is providing a list of announced new gTLDs with key information such as general availability start dates, gTLD provider and blocking options. This list is your go-to-resource to quickly identify and make smart decisions about those new gTLDs that may have significant impact on your business. While updates are made regularly, information is subject to change.

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Download the complete list as a sortable file and quickly find new gTLDs of interest (sampled below).

TLDGeneral AvailabilityBlockingRegistrationCategoryProvider
.tirolMar 2015NoOpenCulturalpunkt Tirol GmbH
.tatarMar 2015NoOpenCulturalCoordination Center of Regional Domain of Tatarstan Republic LLC
.cymruMar 2015NoRestrictedCulturalNominet
.walesMar 2015NoRestrictedCulturalNominet
.energyFeb 2015YesOpenEnergyTBD
.spaceFeb 2015NoOpenGeographicalCentralNic Ltd.


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