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LogicBoxes Partners with I-Content to Implement Vertical Integration for .RICH and .ONL

LogicBoxes is pleased to announce the partnership with I-Content Ltd., based out of Germany, to initiate the implementation of end-to-end Vertical Integration Solution for New gTLDs .RICH and .ONL.

.RICH is a New gTLD extension that caters to a global community of high net worth individuals and the companies that support them. .ONL (the official abbreviation for "online") is a New gTLD that intends to provide limitless access to everything online by being a natural domain for all online activities, whether it's a business, community or a personalized space.

The proposed Vertical Integration Solutions for .RICH and .ONL would consist of a Customized Retail Storefront along with an ability to sign up multiple Specialized Partners, Affiliates and a long tail of Resellers. The decision to provide dedicated storefronts for .RICH and .ONL was a 'no brainer', especially, with leading Partner Registrars being unable to give due focus and attention to most of the New gTLDs due to the sheer number of them going Live.

"We have always believed in the benefits of Vertical Integration for .RICH and .ONL as no Launch Strategy is complete without a dedicated retail space online. We are excited to go live with the vertical integration solution soon", says Anschelika Smoljar, CEO at I-Content Ltd.

From the LogicBoxes team, Siddharth Taliyan, Sr. Manager — Business Development adds: "The partnership with I-Content Ltd. for .RICH and .ONL is very special for us because we now have truly generic TLDs on board for our Vertical Integration solution."

In line with our endeavor to educate the Registry community on the benefits of Vertical Integration, we have organized a webinar titled "Niche TLD Distribution — Why Accuracy is more important than Reach” on 30th September. You can register for the webinar on IntegrateVertically.com. For more details on LogicBoxes' Vertical Integration Solutions do visit our website.

About I-Content Ltd.
I-Content Ltd., is a Domain Reseller, located in Berlin, Germany. I-Content Ltd. plans to implement dedicated retail storefronts and long tail reseller channels for .RICH and .ONL. Apart from these TLDs, IContent Ltd., would also offer various Value Added Services like Email, Site Builder, Domain Privacy, Web Hosting and SSL Certificates.

By LogicBoxes, Provider of Technology and Consultancy Solutions to Internet Players Globally – LogicBoxes is a Technology and Consultancy Company providing Business Solutions exclusively to the large players of the Web Products and Services Industry — including New gTLD Applicants, ICANN Registrars, Domain Registries, Large Web Hosts and Domain Resellers. Visit Page

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