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New Online Tool Helps Non-Chinese Speakers to Invest in Chinese Domain Names

Announcing ChineseLandrush.com – an innovative new way to help non-Chinese speakers to understand and invest in Chinese domains.How to invest in Chinese domains without knowing a word of Chinese?

Its a great feeling having the world's most popular Chinese "new gTLD" domains. Since their public launch ten weeks ago, Dot Chinese Online (.在线) and Dot Chinese Website (.中文网) have rocketed to the number 1 and 2 positions in namestat's "Internationalized Domain Names" (IDN) leaderboard.

Many of the world's most successful domain name investors have already bought our domains. In fact, our first premium domain name auction, held in Macau in April, is still the most successful in ICANN's new gTLD program (we raised USD184,000 for 33 domain name lots). And during our first month of general availability, more than USD580,000 in Dot Chinese Online & Dot Chinese Website domains were sold to end-users and investors.

The extensive media coverage our domains' strong performance has resulted in our fielding dozens of enquiries from western domain name investors who want to know how other western domainers selected such great domains. The simple answer, of course, is that they got some help from Chinese domain name experts.

That got us thinking. Since the TLD Registry team is arguably amongst the world's leading Chinese domain name experts, how could we scale our experts' knowledge for the good of domainers everywhere?

Our new tool, ChineseLandrush.com is an answer.

ChineseLandrush.com is an innovative new way to help non-Chinese speakers to understand and invest in Chinese domains. At ChineseLandrush.com, visitors will always find 500 great, hand-made domain name suggestions. Note well: the suggestions are not yet registered, and they're not registry-reserved. The 500 domain name suggestions are yours for the taking.

Our suggestions are hand-made by our team of Chinese domain experts in Beijing, Hong Kong and New York. For ChineseLandrush.com we never use automated "domain spinning" tools. Our domain suggestions encompass categories from activities, sports and hobbies, common prhases, food, geographic, immigration and travel, medical, and more than a dozen other relevant categories.

If you register a free account and log-into ChineseLandrush.com, you have access to our powerful custom list tool. You can add your domain choices to your cart, and "check out" by downloading a handy spreadsheet file. Then, you can easily copy-and-paste your list into the bulk-registration page at the domain registrar of your choice.

Every night, our automated systems scan yesterday's domain registrations and cleanse the suggestions database of new domains. The list of 500 domain suggestions is then replenished from our "hopper" of several thousand hand-made suggestions.

And if you have 6 minutes to invest in developing your knowledge of Chinese domaining, we'd invite you to watch the three short videos on the home page.

We hope you'll agree with us that ChineseLandrush.com is a welcome addition to the burgeoning Chinese domain name investment world. We hope you'll give the site a spin (pardon the pun!) and let us know if you have any feedback!

And good luck with your Chinese domaining!

The team at TLD Registry Ltd.

PS, want to learn even more about investing in Chinese domains? Michael Cyger's 70-minute one-on-one interview with TLD Registry's Simon Cousins is online now at DomainSherpa.

Dot Chinese Online & Dot Chinese Website

About Dot Chinese Online & Dot Chinese Website – Dot Chinese Online (.在线) & Dot Chinese Website (.中文网) are the essential new Chinese TLDs. Visit Page

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