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DotConnectAfrica Delegates Attend the KHRC Internet & Human Rights Breakfast Roundtable in Nairobi

This is the second meeting held by Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC) in partnership with other civil society organizations and stakeholders.

DotConnectAfrica delegates participated in the recent Internet and Human Rights Breakfast Roundtable on 24th April 2014 held at The Norfolk Fairmont in Nairobi, Kenya.

This is the second meeting held by Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC) in partnership with other civil society organizations and stakeholders.

KHRC, in partnership with other civil society organizations, has been working on a number of informational rights including freedom of expression, access to information, right to privacy and freedom of association as provided by the Constitution of Kenya 2010. In the digital era, KHRC has extended this work to promote and protect the rights and freedoms as experienced offline to be enjoyed online.

The Internet is become a major tool and platform that is used in day to day activities in all sectors of the economy and academia. The Government of Kenya has taken various steps in developing its ICT status as a leading Information technology hub in Africa.

The Cyber Security strategy of 2014 was also launched recently and DotConnectAfrica participated the comments to improve it. The roundtable was thus meant to sustain a dialogue of partnership between the state and non state actors and aimed to build an understanding of the legislative and policy environment in Kenya, including the current debates on cyber security and cybercrime and their effects on human rights. The Meeting also explored the value of the multistakeholder approach in internet policy making and how it could be institutionalized in Kenya.

DotConnectAfrica since its inception in 2006 has been an active part of the DNS industry and have continuously contributed to the Internet Governance debates and encourages a continued debate in improving and sustaining a thriving internet especially at this time when Africa is reputed to be taking a lead in adopting internet and mobile technology.

By DotConnectAfrica, On Mission to Operate DotAfrica gTLD Serving Diverse Needs and Purposes – DotConnectAfrica a non-profit, non-partisan org registered in Mauritius, along with DCA Registry Services located in Nairobi, Kenya will sponsor, establish and operate a gTLD registry with global recognition and regional significance dedicated to the needs of Pan-African & African constituency. Visit Page

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