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Radix Awards Contracts for .website, .host, .space, and .press to CentralNic plc

Radix FZC ("Radix") has exclusively signed a Registry Service Provision contract with CentralNic Group PLC, for Radix's four uncontested Top Level Domains, empowering customers globally to register domain names ending .website, .press, .host or .space (as alternatives to traditional endings like .com and .co.uk).

  • .website is a true alternative to the .com TLD; it is open and available to all for the full range of possible uses
  • The .press TLD will provide its users with a platform to share opinions and disseminate information.  The primary target market will comprise of journalists, bloggers, media professionals, news providers and book publishers
  • The exclusive new gTLD for the web-hosting industry, .host, is aimed to be the extension of choice for web hosts, Approved Scanning Vendors ("ASVs"), Internet Service Providers ("ISPs"), cloud service providers and other such entities
  • .space will serve to provide both individuals and organisations across the globe with a blank canvas to create their own online space

Commenting on the exclusive agreement with Radix, CentralNic CEO Ben Crawford said: "Radix is one of the most experienced and best resourced companies in the new generic Top-Level Domain ("gTLD") space, as well as having a deep understanding of the domain industry.  In fact, Radix's gTLD applications include every one of the top 7 "most valuable new gTLDs," as rated by domain valuation experts Sedo. CentralNic is excited to be able to continue to realise its objective of increasing the number of domain extensions on our global distribution platform by adding these fantastic TLDs to the portfolio that we offer to retailers ("registrars") globally."

Bhavin Turakhia, Founder and CEO of Radix said: "Radix decided to award these contracts to CentralNic following our excellent experience partnering with them on the .pw and .in.net domain extensions.  They have proved to us the value of their integrated global registrar network, their technical strength, their deep expertise in selling domains, and their ability to work with our people as a united team."

The first of the Radix TLDs is expected to launch through CentralNic in Q2 2014.  Domain name retailers around the world will obtain .website, .host, .space and .press domain names via the CentralNic platform to sell to end users.


About Radix – Started in 2012, Radix is one of the world's leading nTLD portfolio registries. Radix is part of the Directi Group, which is currently valued at $1.4 billion. Through several years of active bidding, Radix has won the global and exclusive rights to 9 new internet domain extensions that include .ONLINE, .STORE, .TECH, .WEBSITE, .SPACE, .PRESS, .SITE, .HOST, and .FUN; as well as 1 re-purposed ccTLD, .PW. Radix's annual revenue for the calendar year 2017 was over $12 mn. Visit Page

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