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Nixu Integrates with Nominum N2 Platform in Hybrid Cloud Environments

Nixu Software has today announced support for out-of-the-box integration between Nixu Cloud IP Suite and the Nominum™ N2 Platform, powering the Nominum IDEAL™ ecosystem for network operators. By implementing Nixu Cloud IP Suite in their hybrid cloud environments, companies operating Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) business models can deploy cloud applications instantaneously while harnessing the power of the Nominum N2 platform into their service delivery models.

As managed service providers (MSPs) experiment with hybrid cloud business models to reduce costs and increase scalability, they have become painfully aware of the lack of automations for release parameter provisioning, causing prolonged delivery times for cloud applications.

Optimizing the delivery of the cloud applications involves network-level techniques such as subscriber messaging, network traffic management and blocking botnets. By leveraging Nixu Cloud IP Suite and the Nominum N2 Platform, MSPs are now able to address all these considerations, creating dramatic improvements in the scalability and the quality of their hybrid cloud offerings.

"With the out-of-the-box support and the release parameter provisioning automations provided by Nixu Software, managed service providers operating on the N2 platform can deliver and deploy their applications in less time and with much lower total cost of ownership", said Brian McElroy, vice president of business development at Nominum.

"The main value proposition of Nixu Cloud IP Suite is slashing the operating expenses and eliminating the scalability issues related to the manual release parameter provisioning process in application deployment workflows," said Juha Holkkola, managing director of Nixu Software. "This was something that resonated very strongly with the MSPs developing applications on the Nominum N2 platform and thus expanding Nixu Cloud IP Suite's umbrella of support to the IDEAL ecosystem was a natural next move for us."

For more information about the integration between Nixu Cloud IP Suite and the Nominum N2 Platform, visit the Nixu Software Application Delivery page, Integrating with the Nominum™ N2 Platform.

About Nominum
Nominum™ is the worldwide leading provider of integrated subscriber, network and security solutions for network operators. Nominum is the provider of the N2 Platform that leverages over a trillion DNS queries daily and enables the rapid development and seamless integration of applications that leverage DNS data. These applications are generated by the Nominum IDEAL™ ecosystem, an open ecosystem of application providers. The combined value of the N2 Platform and the IDEAL ecosystem provides network operators with the ability to deliver a differentiated subscriber experience with cost efficiency and agility. Nominum is a global organization headquartered in Redwood City, CA. Visit www.nominum.com.

By FusionLayer, Inc., End-to-End Software-Defined DNS, DHCP and IPAM Solutions for Your Network – Nixu Software simplifies cloud application deployment for enterprises and managed service providers who need to automate the IP commissioning process. The company's patented technology easily integrates with existing infrastructure allowing IT departments to manage IP resources in real-time. Nine out of 10 of the world's largest service providers and half of the Fortune 500 rely on Nixu to improve the manageability of their network. Visit Page

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