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Varnish Software, dotMobi to Bring Deviceatlas Device Detection to Leading Acceleration Software

Varnish Software, the world's leading provider of the open source Varnish Cache Web application accelerator, and mobile Web pioneer dotMobi have announced a partnership to embed device awareness capabilities from dotMobi's award-winning DeviceAtlas® device detection solution into Varnish Cache. Now, Varnish Software customers have the option to use device detection capabilities via an embedded DeviceAtlas API.

The partnership lets Varnish provide a high-performance device detection module as part of its software, significantly strengthening their implementation of Varnish Cache in a post-desktop world. DeviceAtlas is capable of detecting virtually all Web-enabled devices at high speeds, and covers new types of devices like tablets, game consoles, and e-readers as well as the latest phones. Varnish Cache, a widely utilized solution for website acceleration, is already employed by top Alexa-ranked sites including Facebook, eBay and The New York Times.

"We are confident that DeviceAtlas represents the best device awareness solution for Varnish. We looked at all the players out there, and DeviceAtlas leads the field in detection accuracy and data comprehensiveness," said Per Buer, CEO, Varnish Software.

DeviceAtlas detects Web-enabled devices in real time through its robust, high-speed APIs within the Varnish Cache module, and returns detailed information on their capabilities. This means companies can make informed decisions on what content to serve on a given device. Varnish Software customers can subscribe to receive daily DeviceAtlas updates without the need for additional configuration.

dotMobi COO, Eileen O'Sullivan, said, "Knowing what device is requesting content is critical to optimize user experience, especially on mobile and other non-desktop devices where bandwidth can often be an issue. Integrating this key functionality with Varnish's Web acceleration software will enhance user experience at both device and content levels."

About Varnish Software
Varnish Software is the world's leading provider of the open source Varnish Cache Web accelerator. With its well-proven Varnish Cache, Varnish Software and its partner network help customers grow sales and increase customer loyalty while reducing costs and supporting green initiatives by providing a full set of professional services. These include support (service level agreement up to 24x7x365, including an on-site option), expert consulting, training and certification.

Varnish Cache is used by major websites such as Facebook, The New York Times, The Economist, Globo and MercadoLibre (Latin eBay), among many others. Varnish Software is headquartered in Oslo, Norway. Varnish Software's majority owner is the Sixth AP Fund, a major Swedish Pension Fund.

By Afilias Mobile & Web Services, Expert Provider of Mobile and Web Technologies – Afilias Technologies Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Afilias plc, is an expert provider of mobile and web technologies that help companies to reach their customers, regardless of device, content, or context. Products include the DeviceAtlas device intelligence solution, the goMobi mobile website publishing solution and Developer tools such as mobiReady. Visit Page

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