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So/Lo/Mo for Business

Erin Bush

Lest you think the social + local + mobile (So/Lo/Mo) trend is just a fad, last week, Pew Internet released a new report that found that 18 percent of smartphone owners use a geosocial service to check in and share their location with friends. The report also found that 74 percent of smartphone owners get real-time location-based information on their phones — up from 55 percent last May.

Add to these impressive stats the finding from earlier this year that 61 percent of smartphone users search for local business information on-the-go with their mobile devices and you have quite the compelling reason to make sure your local business listings are up to snuff — in both geosocial services and in local search.

Here is a great infographic created by the teams at Localeze, 15miles and comScore featuring some mind-blowing mobile usage stats. You can also download the 5th Annual 15miles/Localeze Local Search Usage Study Conducted by comScore, which was released February 2012, for more information on the importance of So/Lo/Mo for businesses.

2012 Local Search Usage Study – The annual Local Search Usage Study, done in partnership by 15miles and Localeze (conducted by comScore) is a measurement of consumers' search behaviors and how such behaviors affect media-usage trends. (Click to Enlarge)

By Erin Bush, Managing Editor at Neustar
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Useful stats Christopher Parente  –  May 24, 2012 7:38 AM PDT

Thanks Erin for the numbers. Personal experience bears out for me. My wife and I just returned from a trip to California wine country, and used consumer reviews heavily to determine restaurant and vineyard choices.

Agreed Erin Bush  –  May 24, 2012 9:55 AM PDT

Chris, I agree. I find that I use geo-social services more when I travel. Still I thought the numbers MUCH higher than I would've guessed.

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