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Nixu NEE Powers Location-Aware IPAM

Nixu Software is pleased to announce the release of Nixu Network Equipment Extractor (NEE) 1.2 series. Nixu NEE is designed to extract VLAN, MAC, Port ID and other information produced by routers and switches, facilitating full life-cycle management of the IP addresses via integrated Nixu IP Address Management (IPAM) suite. The latest version of Nixu NEE introduces a number of different operating modes allowing finer control of update frequency, a number of configurable integration options for IPAM updater and support for IPv6.

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When integrated with Nixu NameSurfer IPAM, Nixu NEE provides organizations with location-aware IP Address Management process greatly speeding up the response times for internal service requests. By providing a transparent real-time view of the active IP allocations, organizations are also able to keep accurate inventory of their IP resources and take appropriate measures against unauthorized use of their network services.

Since its initial launch in late 2010, Nixu NEE has been warmly received by enterprises and governmental organizations subject to various security standards, such as the PCI (Payment Card Industry) standard. The Managing Director of Nixu Software, Juha Holkkola said in this regard: "Although it's not always easy to quantify a Return on Investment (ROI) for network security enhancements, Nixu NEE has been able to significantly boost the IPAM ROI for our customers. Thanks to its accurate IP-location inventory, organizations running Nixu NEE and Nixu NameSurfer IPAM have been able to dramatically reduce the time required for onsite service calls and as a result achieve 100% improvements in operational efficiency of their IT support teams."

Find out more about Nixu NEE and download a free 30-day evaluation license from our website.

By FusionLayer, Inc., End-to-End Software-Defined DNS, DHCP and IPAM Solutions for Your Network – Nixu Software simplifies cloud application deployment for enterprises and managed service providers who need to automate the IP commissioning process. The company's patented technology easily integrates with existing infrastructure allowing IT departments to manage IP resources in real-time. Nine out of 10 of the world's largest service providers and half of the Fortune 500 rely on Nixu to improve the manageability of their network. Visit Page

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