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Spotlight on TD-LTE Technology and Spectrum

As handheld devices grow ever more sophisticated and demand for content-rich services such as mobile video increases, mobile data traffic is likely to continue growing at an explosive rate. This represents good news for the industry, but next-generation wireless technologies will need to be ready to meet the challenge and able to cope with these increased demands on bandwidth. A recent TD-LTE spectrum workshop looked at the potential of TD-LTE technology to take us on to the next stage of wireless communication.

TD-LTE offers the potential for utilizing unpaired spectrum and enhancing operational efficiency.

Worldwide, the technology is being rolled out in a number of countries including China, Japan, Saudia Arabia, Sweden, Poland and more.

China Mobile is cooperating with a number of countries worldwide. Underlining the need for cooperation, the dream is for "one device that could be used around the world," and China Telecom believes that this would come true in a 4G era.

Currently accepted by ITU-R as an IMT-Advanced candidate technology, an issue which will be high on the agenda of the upcoming ITU World Radiocommunication Conference in 2012, the session summed up the potential that TD-LTE offers in delivering next-generation wireless services, the current state of play, and how sustained international cooperation and debate will help usher in the next generation of wireless technology.

By Paul Budde, Managing Director of Paul Budde Communication – Paul is also a contributor of the Paul Budde Communication blog located here. Visit Page

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