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Nixu Software Participates in World IPv6 Day

Nixu Software is pleased to announce its participation in the World IPv6 Day arranged on June 8 2011. The objective of this event is to promote the use of IPv6 by making all the content at the participating websites available over IPv6. To demonstrate its commitment to IPv6, Nixu Software has decided to make its IPv6-enabled website permanently available as of June 1 2011.

"Having introduced full dual-stack support as early as 2004, we are firm supporters of the World IPv6 Day" said Juha Holkkola, the Managing Director of Nixu Software. "Since all Nixu DDI products support IPv6, we decided it would appropriate to extend the support also to our website. Our existing service provider is still working on introducing IPv6 support end-to-end, so we decided to utilize the Cloud to run our IPv6-enabled web-servers and Nixu DNS server at a remote location. By using the same strategy, anyone wishing to support IPv6, would have an IPv6 presence in a day."

For further details on Nixu Software's recommended strategies for supporting emerging networking standards such as IPv6, please visit: Your Needs / IPv6 Support.

FusionLayer, Inc.

About FusionLayer, Inc. – Nixu Software simplifies cloud application deployment for enterprises and managed service providers who need to automate the IP commissioning process. The company's patented technology easily integrates with existing infrastructure allowing IT departments to manage IP resources in real-time. Nine out of 10 of the world's largest service providers and half of the Fortune 500 rely on Nixu to improve the manageability of their network. Visit Page

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