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Dyn Inc. Releases Next Generation API for Its Enterprise Class DNS Offering the Dynect Platform

Dynamic Network Services Inc. (Dyn Inc.) announces the public release of their API version 2 with enhanced features that allow customers to automate DNS changes to the database via API scripts, simplify DNS integration and incorporate the Dynect Platform's advanced features such as monitored Round Robin Load Balancing, Traffic Management and CDN Manager into the services they provide to their end-users. With this announcement Dyn Inc. aims to remove DNS as a pain point for customers and partners that are integrating the Dynect Platform's DNS into their current service offerings.

The Dynect Platform's original API, launched in November of 2007, was only available in SOAP and was created specifically for those Dynect Platform customers doing cloud computing to help automate adding and removing instances. Soon after the roll out, the development team at Dyn Inc. realized the demand for an easily integrated API extended beyond those just focused on the cloud. With the first API, the goal was to provide a critical piece of the puzzle for those customers that specialized in cloud computing but not in DNS. By providing the critical DNS component, customers using the Dynect Platform were able to remain focused on their specialty while also providing a more comprehensive, rock solid solution to their end-users.

With the API version 2 the team has created what they believe to be a more robust and complete offering for any customer who needs to interact with the Dynect DNS database outside of the Web portal. The API version 2 is now compatible with the REST interface and also has augmented the SOAP API with a WSDL to assist developers in the creation and customization of internal tools they can tailor to their unique needs. The advanced DNS features on the Dynect Platform such as Traffic Management, a Global Server Load Balancing product and CDN Manager, designed to allow the use of multiple CDN providers, either regionally or Load Balanced, have been exposed in this version of the API which allows users to adjust their DNS settings programmatically on the fly based on their changing content delivery needs.

"Dyn Inc.'s newest API can be used to automate processes and procedures and build internal tools to streamline the provisioning of customer services as part of the infrastructure workflow for those customers providing applications and services for others. This can help make things quicker, more resilient and less error prone," said Fred Hoth, Sales Support Engineer, who has been instrumental in refining the new API based on feedback from beta users. "The input from beta users has been extremely encouraging," added VP of Engineering, Lisa Hagemann. "We are excited to roll this out to public."

One popular use case that customers have been asking about is the ability to extract QPS (queries per second) data via the API so that they can build their own daily reports on usage levels without having to log into the Web portal. Data can now be extracted by zone and record type in a .csv format with a few API calls.

With these technical innovations and an advanced interface, the Dynect Platform's API version 2 has only scratched the surface of its capabilities that were tested during the beta period, making the team at Dyn Inc. excited to see how their customers mold and use the API for their specific needs. Beta user, Aaron Evans, Director of Research & Development at Thinking Phone Networks is looking forward to the continued use of the new API and the benefits it will bring to his business saying, "We expect to benefit from the Dynect Platform API version 2's ability to further automate DNS configurations. This will allow us to increase provisioning and support staff productivity and better serve our enterprise customers."

Demo account access is available to test-drive the API version 2. For more information on the Dynect Platform and its enhanced API, please contact sales@dyn.com or call 888.840.3258.

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Dyn solutions are at the core of Internet Performance. Through traffic management, message management and performance assurance, Dyn is connecting people through the Internet and ensuring information gets where it needs to go, faster and more reliably than ever before. Incorporated in 2001, Dyn's global presence services more than four million enterprise, small business and personal customers. Visit dyn.com to learn more about how Dyn delivers. (Learn More)

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