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The GLOBE Program Chooses Dyn Inc.'s Dynect Platform to Deploy DNSSEC per Federal OMB Mandate

Dynamic Network Services Inc. (Dyn Inc.), a world leader in managed DNS services, announces that The GLOBE Program, a .gov domain, chooses the Dynect Platform to implement the DNSSEC mandate made by the Executive Office of the President, Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

DNSSEC (DNS Security Extensions) adds a layer of security to the Domain Name System (DNS) that verifies identity and authenticity of domain names when being accessed by an Internet user. The adoption of this security measure helps prevent against the Internet's most dangerous types of DNS attacks, including phishing and cache poisoning that can be used to redirect websites and steal sensitive information.

Dyn Inc. previously announced in June of 2009 that it had become the first managed DNS provider to offer DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC) to its clients on the Dynect Platform, the company's enterprise managed DNS offering. Now with nearly a year of operational DNSSEC experience, the Dynect Platform is offering DNSSEC standard with its service and making it simple for organizations such as the GLOBE Program to meet their DNSSEC mandate without additional cost or complication.

The GLOBE Program promotes and supports students, teachers and scientists to collaborate on inquiry-based investigations of the environment and the Earth system, working in close partnership with NASA and NSF Earth System Science Projects in study and research about the dynamics of Earth's environment. "We were required by NASA to migrate our .gov domain to use DNSSEC, and we were fortunate that Dynect had an option to assist us with this. The transition was smooth, the customer service was responsive, and the user interface made the rather complicated process quite simple," said Mark Sallee, Systems Administrator for the GLOBE Program. "I'm glad that the DNSSEC service worked as well as it did. I'm sure other .gov sites would benefit from partnership with the service provided on the Dynect Platform, since the alternative, manual setup is complicated and probably many systems administrators have not yet had much experience with key creation, signing, and rollover."

The GLOBE Program depends on their website as a means for members to share and access information, making the safety of users and the information shared of critical importance. "NASA and the GLOBE Program care that when a user accesses their website or logs in to their database, that they are getting an authentic website and safe space to share information," said Jeremy Hitchcock, CEO at Dyn Inc. "As early adopters and advocates of DNSSEC, our goal was to provide a simple solution and interface that allows users to enable DNSSEC by making just a few selections and clicks of the mouse."

As more domains become mandated to add DNSSEC, the Dynect Platform is proud to offer a comprehensive solution to any organization that may have been intimidated by the process. "For that large percentage of federal government agencies who missed the DNSSEC deadline this past December, we are here to help you implement," commented Kyle York, VP of Sales and Marketing at Dyn Inc. "Some common beliefs about DNSSEC are that it will increase DNS server load and that the overall process from acquiring to signing keys is quite complicated, but we have a network of overpowered DNS servers and a team of DNS experts that can walk you through the process and answer any questions to ensure this is a positive evolution for your overall site security efforts."

As reports of cyber crime continue to rise, the overall security of the Internet remains an important topic. Almost every business relies on its online presence to do business; if it gets compromised, so does the success of the business and the trust of its users. With DNS being a key component to the Internet's infrastructure, and DNSSEC being an added layer of security, Dyn Inc. and the Dynect Platform are happy to play a key role in making the Internet a safer place, one domain at a time.

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