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U.S. Government Plans to Boost Cybersecurity ID Ecosystem

Declan McCullagh reporting in CNET: "President Obama is planning to hand the U.S. Commerce Department authority over a forthcoming cybersecurity effort to create an Internet ID for Americans, a White House official said here today. It's 'the absolute perfect spot in the U.S. government' to centralize efforts toward creating an 'identity ecosystem' for the Internet, White House Cybersecurity Coordinator Howard Schmidt said." more»

John Crain Named ICANN's New Chief Security, Stability and Resiliency Officer

John Crain has been named ICANN's new Chief Security, Stability and Resiliency Officer. In this newly created position Crain will assume the responsibilities of Jeff Moss, who announced he is stepping down from his position as Chief Security Officer at the end of the year. more»

Internet Hall of Fame Announces 2013 Inductees, Ceremony Held 3 August in Berlin, Germany

The Internet Society has announced the names of the 32 individuals who have been selected for induction into the Internet Hall of Fame. Last week, the Internet Society announced plans to change the location of its 2013 Internet Hall of Fame awards ceremony, originally scheduled for Istanbul, due to the recent protests and unpredictable environment. The ceremony is now scheduled for 3 August in Berlin, Germany. more»

BIND9 DNS Vulnerability Warning Issued by CERT, ISC

The Internet Systems Consortium and United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team are warning about a vulnerability discovered in the Berkeley Internet Name Domain 9 Domain Name Server code that could be exploited to cause a system crash... "By sending a specially-crafted packet to a BIND9 Server, a remote unauthenticated attacker can cause a denial of service, causing BIND to crash," according to the US-CERT advisory. more»

NCUC Sends Letter to ICANN Board and New CEO, Asks for Direct Meeting With the Full Board

Milton Meuller on the IGP blog reports that last week the Chair of ICANN's noncommercial users constituency, Robin Gross of IPJustice, sent a letter to the ICANN Board and its new CEO, Rod Beckstrom. The letter has also been endorsed by the Washington DC-based Public Knowledge, The Institute of Network Cultures, and others according to the report. The letter, which had the unanimous support of 145 members of the Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO) constituency, makes three specific requests of the Board... more»

Global Survey of Internet Activists Hears Calls for Online Bill of Rights

Kenneth Corbin reporting on InterneNews: "On the eve of what could be a seismic shift in government, talk has been heating up about tech policy in the United States. But it's worthwhile to remember that it is the World Wide Web, and in that spirit researchers from Elon University and the Pew Internet and American Life Project canvassed the world's leading Internet activists to get an idea of what a global tech policy should look like. Pew today released the responses from the attendees of the second annual Internet Governance Forum (IGF), held November in Rio de Janeiro. A solid majority (66 percent) of respondents said there should be some form of global Internet bill of rights...." more»

221,744 "Iran" Tweets Per Hour at Peak

Ben Parr of Mashable reports: "The use of Twitter (Twitter) has been immense. #IranElection has been a top trending topic for days, as have terms like Iran, Tehran, Ahmadinejad, and Mousavi. But while there have been 10,000 to 50,000 tweets at any hour mentioning "Iran", it peaked yesterday at 221,744. This seems extreme, but it makes sense when you realize that it corresponds with when Twitter's downtime was rescheduled, which had major buzz the entire day." more»

Catching Phishy Domains Before They Go Live

Jackson, a 26-year-old developer from New Bedford, Massachusetts, who works for the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, is spending his spare time on a Web-based application called Crows Nest. It's designed to alert users when newly registered domain names that are likely to be used as phishing sites go live on the Internet. more»

Effects of Domain Hijacking Can Linger

Malicious hackers who are able to hijack an organization's Web domain may be able to steal traffic from the legitimate Web site long after the domain has been restored to its owner, according to a recent report.

Design flaws in the way Web browsers and proxy servers store data about Web sites allow malicious hackers to continue directing Web surfers to malicious Web pages for days or even months after the initial domain hijacking. more»

CIOs Consider Data Center Transformation Top Priority in 2009, Survey Says

New global research reveals that 84% of technology organizations are planning to implement a data center transformation (DCT) project in the next 12 months, primarily to lower costs and reduce business risk. The HP-commissioned survey further shows that a vast majority of technology decision makers are currently implementing or planning to implement in 2009 consolidation (95%), business continuity (93%) and virtualization (91%) projects. According to the study, respondents named reducing operational costs (31%) as their top driver for 2009 DCT spending. Enhancing security (29%) followed as a close second. more»

Cisco, IBM, Intel, Juniper and Microsoft Announce Consortium to Address Global Security Threats

Five leading IT vendors have announced the creation of the Industry Consortium for Advancement of Security on the Internet (ICASI), a nonprofit organization that intends to let vendors and customers work together on global IT security threats and resolve them in a government-neutral way. ICASI's founding members include, Cisco, IBM, Intel, Juniper and Microsoft. ICASI will target "global, multivendor cyber threats" to reduce their impact on end users. The group's statement says these attacks target multiple products or protocols in products, giving them a broader impact. These attacks pose problems not only for end user customers, but also for vendors, the group says. more»

US Top Cybersecurity Official Resigns

Phil Reitinger, the Department of Homeland Security's top cyber and computer crimes official, is resigning just days after the administration launched its most ambitious cybersecurity initiative. "I have decided that the time has come for me to move on from the Department," Reitinger wrote in an e-mail to DHS employees this afternoon. more»

ICANN Confirms Selection of Leading New CEO Candidate, Announcement Expected Next Week

Following rumors last week on the leading candidate for ICANN's new CEO position, an official announcement has been released by ICANN confirming that the board may indeed announce its selection during its meeting in Sydney next week. more»

Major Web Companies Reiterate Opposition to Paying ISPs for Fast Lane Access

The Internet Association -- a trade group that represents 36 companies including Google, Netflix, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, eBay, Yahoo, and PayPal -- submitted comments (PDF) to the Federal Communications Commission on Monday to formally oppose a proposal to let Internet service providers charge content providers for priority access in their networks. The FCC is currently weighing a proposal to establish guidelines to protect the open Internet. more»

Chinese Government Accused of Being Behind 'Titan Rain' Cyber Attacks

China has been accused of sponsoring cyber attacks at the International Crime Science Conference held in London, UK recently. Security expert, John Walker, CTO of forensics consultancy Secure-Bastion, said that the Chinese government was behind the 'Titan Rain' attacks on the US and the UK. Titan Rain is codename given by the U.S. government to a series of coordinated attacks on American computer systems where hackers gained access to many U.S. computer networks, including NASA. The attacks were identified as being Chinese in origin, however the Chinese government has not been officially accused of being behind the assault. more»

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