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China Slashes .CN Domain Price to 13 Cents

CHINA'S top Internet address registration agency has slashed the price of domain names ending with .cn to one yuan (13 US cents) a year in order to win users from the ".com" service, whose server is overseas.

The China Internet Network Information Center, or CNNIC, said the promotion is for the sake of national information security and to increase Internet use in the world's second-largest Web market. more

Domain Name Resale Market Hits $111 Million in 2006

Domain name research and appraisal services firm Zetetic reports that the domain name aftermarket broke the $100 million mark in 2006, reaching US$111,376,000 across 17,974 domain name sales.

"Everyone knew this was a record year for the industry, and these numbers confirm that across the board," Zetetic Senior Analyst Keith Pieper said. "It continues to be a sellers market. more

N.Y. Lawmakers Outlawing Sales of Domain Names to Terrorists

Assemblyman Felix Ortiz, a Brooklyn Democrat, and Sen. Carl Marcellino, a Long Island Republican, have introduced matching bills that they argue will make it more difficult for known terrorist organizations to obtain domain space to spread their messages. more

Web 2.0 Applications Driving DNS Traffic Beyond Growth Projections

Far-sighted broadband service providers are on the alert. The next generation of collaborative and interactive internet applications, Web 2.0, has arrived and is driving a huge increase in DNS (Domain Name System) traffic. This increase is going far beyond the capacity of BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Domain) based DNS systems. Now, astute DSL providers, cable operators, and wireless/cellular carriers are discovering ways to increase DNS capacity. more

Domain Name Registrations Increased by 30% in 2006

According to the Domain Name Industry Brief, released today by VeriSign for the fourth quarter of 2006, total domain name registrations reached 120 million, representing a 32 percent increase over the previous year, and an eight percent increase over the third quarter of 2006.

The domain name industry continued to experience strong growth in the fourth quarter of 2006, with more than 11.6 million new registered domain names. This figure represents a three percent increase year over year and a 23 percent increase from the third quarter. more

ICANN to Sue RegisterFly, Locks At-Risk Down Domains

ICANN plans to sue scandal-hit domain name registrar tomorrow, saying the company is putting its customers' estimated 2 million domain names at risk.

And in an unprecedented move, ICANN has persuaded the four major generic top-level domain registries to lock down all RegisterFly's customers' domains for a month, so they cannot expire and then be hijacked by speculators or domain traffic monetization firms. more

ICANN Likely to Adopt New Whois Privacy Policy

Intellectual property lawyers guarding corporate trademarks on the Internet may soon have a harder time tracking down the people behind websites infringing on their clients' brands.

After several years of debate, this year ICANN is likely to decide on adopting a new policy that would let website owners keep most of their contact information confidential when they register for domain names. Instead, they would be allowed to list a separate go-between point of contact. more

Chinese Registrar Refuses Sale of to Google

Google Inc., fighting to consolidate its trademark globally, is facing an obstacle in the world's second largest Web market. China's, which is refusing to sell its Internet address to the U.S. giant. According legal sources, Google was trying to buy the Internet domain name, which is run by Beijing-based ISM Technologies. more

Anti-DNS Google Desktop Attack Reported

Google's PC search software is vulnerable to a variation on a little-known Web-based attack called anti-DNS (Domain Name System) pinning, that could give an attacker access to any data indexed by Google Desktop, security researchers said this week.

...Anti-DNS pinning is an emerging area of security research, understood by just a handful of researchers, said Jeremiah Grossman, chief technical officer at WhiteHat Security. more

ICANN Threatens Registerfly to Clean Up

ICANN has given scandal-hit domain name registrar 15 days to sort its problems out or risk losing its license to sell domains.

The organization, which oversees the domain name system's policies and practices, sent a letter with the ultimatum to New Jersey-based Registerfly yesterday, and published it on its own web site. more

ICANN Ombudsman Responds to Fiasco Over Registerfly

I am responding to your article "Registerfly on the fly, ICANN on the run", dated Monday, February 19, 2007. In your article you quote a recent entry in my blog, and then assert that I have washed my hands of the matter. I'd like to clarify a few points. First, with respect to the jurisdiction of my Office; the ICANN Ombudsman is established in the ICANN Bylaws... more

National Arbitration Forum Reports 21% Increase in 2006 Domain Name Filings

The National Arbitration Forum reports that their domain name disputes resolutions increased by 21% in 2006 compared to 2005. The National Arbitration Forum handled 1,658 Internet trademark disputes in 2006, making it the largest filing year since the inception of their domain name dispute program. more

Recent Concerns Over .XXX Domain

The resurrected proposal to open an internet domain reserved for porn web sites is looking less likely to succeed, with ICANN's board of directors last week expressing 'serious concerns' about it.

A majority of ICANN's directors are concerned that .xxx may not be wanted by the adult entertainment industry it would purport to serve, according to minutes of a February 12 ICANN board meeting published Friday. more

Fiasco Over ICANN-Accredited Domain Name Registrar Registerfly

Registerfly, an ICANN-accredited provider of internet hosting and domain name registration services based in New Jersey, controls approximately two million domain names for 900,000 different owners. Unfortunately for those whose domains seemingly are disappearing into the ether by the day, the company appears to be coming apart at the seams, with no resolution or government action in sight. more

Entrepreneurs Profiting From Free Domains

It's not often you can compare Internet addresses with clothing, but a growing practice comes close, contributing to a global shortage in good names.

Entrepreneurs have been taking advantage of a five-day grace period to sample millions of domain names, keeping the relative few that might generate advertising revenues and dropping the rest before paying. It's akin to buying new clothes on a charge card only to return them for a full refund after wearing them to a big party. more



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