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Google Acquiring Sprint?

Rich Tehrani of TMC discusses the possibility of Google buying Sprint Nextel: "Recent news that Sprint is not going to work with Clearwire to build out a WiMAX network only added to the rumors I have been hearing about Google acquiring Sprint Nextel. On the surface it seems like this would be a bad move for Google but in reality the world’s leading search engine has become so much more than just a website to go to when you want to find a trinket of information... The company now needs a wireless network to allow it to grow in the mobile search and related spaces such as watching YouTube videos on the subway." more»

Google Testing Option to Block Domain Parking Sites

Google AdWords is running limited testing of a feature which lets its advertisers block domain parking sites which their AdWords ads will be served on; specifically 'Domain Ads' and 'Error Page Ads. more»

Time Warner Cable Joins the DNS Redirection Bandwagon

A Time Warner Cable insider has told that the company will be joining the growing list of ISPs (e.g. see the report on Verizon from earlier this week, as well as, EarthLink's case last year) who use DNS redirection services to generate additional revenue off of mistyped URLs. more»

U.S. Internet Control Threatens to Overtake Discussions at IGF Meeting

Debate over U.S. control of the Internet's core system threatens to overtake the Internet Governance Forum (IGF), an international meeting in Brazil, next week. The meeting was meant to cover topics including spam, free speech and cheaper access. more»

Video: Al Gore, Eric Schmidt Pay Tribute to Vint Cerf

ICANN has released these video tributes from its recently ended 30th International Public Meeting in Los Angeles. The video was part of the salute to retiring Board Chair Vint Cerfmore»

Verizon Spreading DNS Redirection Service

Verizon has been implementing a DNS redirection service for select DSL and FiOS customers. The service redirects users who mistype URLs to an Verizon-run search page (complete with referral links) instead of giving a traditional error message. While Verizon insists the service was created to help users, it's really just a revenue generator. In essence, butterfingers create a revenue stream. more»

Vint Cerf's Successor Announced as the New ICANN Chairman

A New Zealand lawyer long active on Internet addressing policies was elected today as the first non-American chairman of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), replacing Internet pioneer Vint Cerf. The board of ICANN selected Peter Dengate Thrush, 52, over telecommunications expert Roberto Gaetano, of Italy. more»

U.S. Broadband Stuck in the Internet Slow Lane

The United States is starting to look like a slowpoke on the Internet. Examples abound of countries that have faster and cheaper broadband connections, and more of their population connected to them. What's less clear is how badly the country that gave birth to the Internet is doing, and whether the government needs to step in and do something about it. The Bush administration has tried to foster broadband adoption with a hands-off approach. If that's seen as a failure by the next administration, the policy may change. more»

Getting Rid of Whois

The Whois database may disappear... An ICANN committee is considering a sunset proposal at its meeting this week in Los Angeles that would effectively scrap the directory system on privacy grounds. Among those arguments is that a public-by-default Whois listing may run afoul of Canadian and European Union privacy laws. more»

Vint Cerf's Term Ends as Chairman of ICANN

"My sentence is up," Cerf said with his characteristic sense of humor, which he and others credit for helping him steer the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) through several high-profile battles from which it emerged more stable and stronger. more»

ICANN Investigating "Domain Name Front Running"

ICANN is investigating complaints that insider information is being used to snatch desired domain names before an individual or business can register them. The Security and Stability Advisory Committee of ICANN termed the practice "domain name front running" and likened it to a stock broker buying or selling shares ahead of a client's trade, in anticipation of a movement in price. In the case of Internet addresses, many people who see a domain name available the first time they check find it already taken by the time they return to buy it. more»

Comcast Caught Blocking File Sharing

Comcast Corp. actively interferes with attempts by some of its high-speed Internet subscribers to share files online, a move that runs counter to the tradition of treating all types of Net traffic equally. The interference, which The Associated Press confirmed through nationwide tests, is the most drastic example yet of data discrimination by a U.S. Internet service provider. It involves company computers masquerading as those of its users. more»

Notorious John Zuccarini Charged Again for Typosquatting

Notorious typosquatter, John Zuccarini, who served pornographic advertisements on domains such as and has been fined again by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. John Zuccarini has agreed to give up $164,000 in typosquatting revenue he is alleged to have raked in, the FTC said Tuesday in a statement. Five years ago, a federal court had barred Zuccarini from registering domains that are misspellings of legitimate brands... more»

ICANN Unleashing Single-letter and Single-digit Domain Names, Seeking Best Method

ICANN will be seeking proposals for potential allocation methods of single-letter and single-digit domain names at the second level in generic Top-Level Domain registries. Examples include,,, Comments regarding the potential uses for revenue generated from the sale of such domains are also requested. more»

Europe Weighing Broadband Price Regulation

The gap between broadband haves and have nots in the European Union has widened during the past year, a trend that might warrant price regulation similar to that imposed on the market for mobile roaming charges earlier this year, the European Commission said Monday. more»

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