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Stacie Hoffmann

Digital Policy & Cyber Security Consultant at Oxford Information Labs Ltd
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Stacie advises industry, government and policy makers globally on the intersection of technology and governance. She works on a range of issues including cyber security, data protection, emerging technologies, technical standards development, and the Internet addressing (DNS) ecosystem. She has substantial experience in risk assessment, strategy development, research, data analysis and writing. Stacie is an experienced speaker, moderator, and comentator on cyber issues including for broadcast news. She is a CESG certified Cyber Security/Information Assurance Auditor Practitioner and holds a certificate in ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management Principles.

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Recalibrating the DoH Debate

At the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) it is time we accept the wide range of drivers behind (and implications of) standards and for stakeholders to start listening to each other. A protocol recently released by the IETF, DNS over HTTPS (DoH), is at the centre of an increasingly polarised debate. This is because DoH uses encryption in the name of security and privacy and re-locates DNS resolution to the application layer of the Internet. more

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