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Uniregistry has applied for the opportunity to operate and manage a number of new generic top level domains (gTLDs). While not readily apparent to the general public, new gTLDs are an important and necessary evolution of the Internet naming system. The growing population of Internet users will create a large wave of demand for new names in the years ahead. New generic name alternatives will provide an opportunity for the Internet to take on a new face.

It may take time for human behaviour to adjust, but these new spaces will ultimately create amazing opportunities for brands, new domain owners, and the Internet entrepreneurs of the future to label and market their online content.

The future prosperity of the Internet and its naming system rides on the sound, responsible stewardship of these names. These new top level domains need strong governance, with sufficient investment, support, and expertise to help them flourish. There is a shortage of experienced talent and passionate evangelists who understand naming and wish to participate in this space. Uniregistry will fill that void.

Uniregistry is taking a far-sighted approach for the good of the Internet and those who depend on it.

Nothing is of higher priority to us than the ongoing, long-term success of our gTLDs, and the registrants who adopt them. We have the rare combination of experience and infrastructure that it takes to deliver on this high-minded vision.

Backed by successful Internet veterans, Uniregistry aims to be the most well-managed organization in Internet naming. Our founders have seen great success with their own Internet ventures, and have earned a deep understanding of what it takes to prosper in Internet-naming. They have the capital, expertise, passion, and vision to build and maintain one of the largest, most well-equipped new gTLD registries.

Having been constantly active in the evolution of the domain name system, our founders are embracing this opportunity to invest their resources and expertise back into the space that brought them prosperity; they wish to provide future registrants with a chance to prosper and thrive as well.

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