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Pat Barnes

Product Manager of Security Solutions at Nominum
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Pat Barnes is the Product Manager of Security Solutions at Nominum, where he is responsible for security products that leverage the unique intelligence and control potential of DNS. Pat has 15 years of Product Development experience, including a Product Manager position at Arbor Networks where he was responsible for Arbor's flagship "Peakflow SP" product. As Product Manager of Peakflow SP, Pat was responsible for much of Arbor's security and network visibility solutions, including: DDoS detection/mitigation, peering evaluation tools, and comprehensive traffic reporting. Pat was also the primary product manager at Arbor Networks responsible for MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider) solutions.

Before entering the network security space, Pat held engineering positions at Open Text and PTC, focusing on their Document Management products. These efforts included the design and implementation of document storage technologies, including hardening portals against various security threats such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting vulnerabilities.

Pat has worked closely with many of the world's largest service providers and MSSPs, and is active within the service provider industry, attending events such as NANOG and participating in industry organizations such as the Online Trust Alliance (OTA).

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