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Chris Griffiths

VP, Labs for Dyn
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Chris leads the Labs organization at Dyn which is the technology exploration organization responsible for developing next-generation Dyn technologies, and the home base for efforts in Internet and infrastructure standards and policy development.

He is an industry expert in the design and deployment of Internet technologies, and has managed several of the largest deployments of network services in the world. 

Prior to joining Dyn, he was the Director of the High-Speed Internet and New Business Engineering organization at Comcast.  He oversaw the design and architecture of Internet systems, services, and new business initiatives at the largest Internet service provider in the United States. This included managing the architecture and deployment of DNS, DOCSIS, Congestion Management, IPv6, WiFi, Broadband Home Security and Home Automation, as well as other business critical services within the company.

Chris also works on Internet standards, and speaks regularly on operations and security best practices.  He holds a bachelors degree from University of Delaware.


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