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Oliver Johnson

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Oliver has been involved in online environments and development since the late 1980's and has planned and implemented a wide range of multimedia related projects including as a TV and video producer with credits for broadcast productions and early groundbreaking internet implementations.

He has worked as marketing and website manager for small to medium online retail organisations, as website producer for leading agencies and was senior producer for several internet and intranet projects for B2C and B2B projects for blue chip multinationals winning a number of industry awards.

He has been CEO of Point Topic, a broadband statistics and analysis company, since 2007.

He has a BSc in Maths and Economics from the University of London.

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Net Neutrality - The Phoney War?

The current battles being fought over net-neutrality were over before they began. Whether you regard it as a good thing or a bad thing the world already has a multi-tiered internet and it's likely to become even more stratified in the coming years. Most markets, or perhaps countries is a better grouping, depend on commercial organisations to deploy broadband access and to serve the consumers that sign-up. The internet service providers that governments and customers depend on to reach more and more consumers and in increasingly difficult locations (read 'less likely to generate revenue') are there to make money. more

Broadband Tariffs: The Significant Gap Between Residential and Business

Analysis from Point Topic's recent reports on global broadband tariffs has revealed a significant gap in residential and business tariffs worldwide. Clearly businesses are paying more for their services than residential consumers but the relative differences in the ratios is more marked than might be expected. The first thought is that they are paying for more bandwidth and that is true to an extent. more

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Net Neutrality - The Phoney War?

Broadband Tariffs: The Significant Gap Between Residential and Business