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Stéphane Van gelder is a veteran of the domain industry and an experienced journalist. He heads Milathan, a provider of domain name and Internet consultancy services.

Previously, Stéphane was General Manager at StartingDot, the operator of the .ARCHI, .BIO and .SKI new gTLDs. The company was acquired by Afilias in 2016.

Before StartingDot, Stéphane was General Manager at Indom. He co-founded Indom in 1999 and the company was acquired by Group NBT in 2010.

Stéphane is an international correspondant for print and TV mediaHe specialises in motorsports, the automotive industry and the Internet.

Stéphane has a long history of volunteer service at ICANN, including serving as Chair of the Generic Names Supporting Organisation (GNSO) and the Nominating Committee.

Stéphane earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Sussex University (UK).


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