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Refutation of the Worst IANA Transition FUD

Congress Must Approve Transfer of IANA Function to ICANN

Is the ICANN New gTLD Program a Draft for a V2 of the Internet?

USG Provides First Official Statement on Montevideo, Brazil, and ITU Plenipotentiary

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Who Are the True Multi-Stakeholders in ICANN?

Removing Need at RIPE

New TLDs: Time For a Do-Over on Plural Similarity

It's Not Paranoia if They Are Really After You!

Report on the Eve of WCIT

"Objection, Your Honour!"

The Only Winning Game at the WCIT

Now That Kurt Pritz Has Resigned over Conflict of Interest, Will a Transparent Investigation Follow?

Business Case for IPv6 - Part 1

Google's Free Public DNS Load Tops VeriSign, Raising Dot-Com Contract Tender Question

2012: The Year of the New gTLD Program and the Year to Support ICANN - Part II

TLD Expansion: ICANN Must Not Back Down

Breaking the Internet HOWTO: The Unintended Consequences of Governmental Actions

Borders, In Bankruptcy, Aims To Sell 65,536 IPv4 Addresses at $12/Address

Is Africa Ready for a dotAfrica gTLD Future?

IPv4 Historical Imbalances and the Threat to IPv6

Is Africa Ready for a dotAfrica gTLD Future?

Multi-Stakeholder Debate at the IGF: Lessons from a Safari

IPv4 Addresses Not Property, Canada Weighs in on the Nortel/Microsoft Transfer

Internet Policing Increasingly Delegated to ISPs, Private Organizations

The Real Threat to the Single Root of the Internet Seems to Come from ICANN Itself, of All Places

The ISP Industry: Concentrated or Diverse?

Landing Sites, Internet's Achilles Heel of the Internet?

On the Need to Separate the Telecom Business Agenda from Government Policy

Plutocrats and the Internet

Competition to Regional Internet Registries (RIR) for Post-Allocation Services?

Silvia Hagen: It's Not About IPv6 Transition But Urgent Integration

The Digital Divide on IP Addresses

Leading Internet Companies May Share IPv6 User List to Aid Transition

Country Internet Registries: One African Perspective

How to Manage Internet Abundance

ICANN's Positive Affirmation: Good News for Africa and Emerging Markets

FUD for Thought: ARIN Releases Comic Books

ICANN Blows $4.6 Million In Stock Market

ICANN Uses For-Profit Companies as "Comparables" in Its Employee Compensation

Scotland Wants Its Own Top-Level Domain '.SCO'

Comments on an IP Address Trading Market

2008 Report Analyzing Distribution and Trends of IP Address Allocation

On the Hunt for "Critical Internet Resources"

IPv6 for the Rest of Us

GG, IM, and JE: Welcome (officially) to ISO3166, Good Bye GB

China's New Domain Names: Lost in Translation

What's Wrong with Domain Names?

Internet Governance: Countdown to Tunis

A Further Look Into ORSN

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Refutation of the Worst IANA Transition FUD

It's Not Paranoia if They Are Really After You!

Pot…Kettle…Black: The REAL Hypocrisy Threatening the Future of the Internet

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Breaking the Internet HOWTO: The Unintended Consequences of Governmental Actions

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