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Cruz Sees Himself as Protector of Internet Freedom

Verisign iDefense Analysis of XcodeGhost

Symantec Acquires VeriSign’s Security Business for $1.28 Billion

Network Neutrality, UPS, and FedEx

The Real Face of Cyberwar?

The Role of a Cybersecurity Czar

America is No. 1 in Broadband According to New Connectivity Scorecard

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Studies Indicate 29% of Internet Users Buying Goods from Spam Emails

Evidence that Georgia Cyberattacks Were "Populist" in Nature

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Google Talks About Owning Your Internet Connection

Largest Synchronized Internet Security Effort Underway to Patch Newly Found DNS Bug

Proposal for .sport, a New Top-Level Domain

ICANN GNSO Votes to Kill Domain Tasting

Spam Turns 30

IP Addresses and Personally Identifiable Information

Microsoft's Offer to Buy Yahoo: An Anti-Spam Point of View

North Dakota Judge Gets it Wrong

Network Solutions Responds to Front Running Accusations

ICANN: WHOIS Back to Rathole #0

WHOIS Redux: Demand Privacy in Domain Name Registration

ICANN Investigating "Domain Name Front Running"

Study Says Email Has Surpassed Telephony as Corporate Communication Tool

ICANN Wants to Update Its Domain Name Registrar Accreditation Process

Spam About to Get Worst, Says Former Spammer in New Book

CAN SPAM Applies Even Within a Single Provider

IP Address Intelligence Burdening Content Providers with Regional Laws?

The Closing Window: A Historical Analysis of Domain Tasting

Huge Increase in Spam in October Email

Nation of Cameroon Typo-Squats the Entire .com Space

Conflict of Opinion

How Domain Name Traffic Testing/Tasting Works

The Future of Some Email May Not Use Email

How Bad is Goodmail?

What's Wrong with Domain Names?

Verisign Gets .COM Forever, But ICANN Gets a Lobbyist

We Hate Spam Except, Of Course, When It's Inconvenient to Do So

So, Who Really Did Invent the Internet?

Phish-Proofing URLs in Email?

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