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Editor of covering the domain name business since ICANN #2, Berlin 1999.


M3AAWG and APWG Do the Best Survey Yet on WHOIS Redaction

Is the Most-Viewed .Brand Domain Ever?

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Heritage Holding Anti-IANA Transition Event With Cruz

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The World is in Need of Transformative Solutions

The Cock and the Goat: ICANN in the Age of Horrorism

ICANN Compliance Lends a Hand to a Violent Criminal While Trashing a Legitimate Business

The Empire Strikes Back: ICANN Accountability at the Inflection Point

Out of .Africa - Process Failures Don't Change the Facts

Rage Against the ICANN Machine

New gTLDs Are Great for Pump-and-Dumps, Phishes and More...

Should Barclays Lose the .Barclays Top-Level Domain?

In Congressional Hearing, Stakeholders Highlight ICANN's Failures and Need for Reform

ICANN and a Lot of Other People Outsmart Themselves With .SUCKS

The Dot Green gTLD and the Domain Name Delusion That Foretells General gTLD Disaster

ICANN's Auction Piggy Bank Just Got Twice As Big

Moving ICANN Meeting from Marakech Would Send the Wrong Message

New gTLD Fees Threaten the Diversity of the Name Space

ICANN Board Appoints 2015 NomCom Chair

A New Way to Value Registry Business

NTIA's FOIA Disclosures Shed Limited Light on IANA Transition Decision

Where Are the Registrars With New gTLDs on the Mobile Web?

Thank You GNSO - From the

Rape in the DNS

All New gTLD Registrations Should Be Subject to Sunrise Periods - Even Reserved Names

A Programmer's Perspective on the IANA Transition

New gTLD Registration Strategies: Preparing for the Inevitable

The Discrepancy in Confusion and Similarity Decisions of New gTLDs

Name Collision: Why ICANN Is Looking at It the Wrong Way (Part 1)

The Long Gestation and Afterlife of New gTLDs

The Sexist Men In Tech Need to Grow Up, Now

The Missing Link in Dotless Domains

GAC, Inside Out: When GAC Members Abuse ICANN Procedures...

Poll on New TLDs Shows Value of Brand Loyalty, Willingness to Try New Equivalents to .COMs

Plural TLDs: Let's Stop Throwing Spanners in the Works!

Verisign Doesn't Think the Net Is Ready for a Thousand New TLDs

Mishandling the Registrar Contract Negotiations

What Did we Learn Today About .XXX From IFFOR Tax Return

Trademark Clearinghouse Debate is Not About the Trademark Clearinghouse!

Fadi Gets Briefed

What If New gTLD Applicants Held Private Auctions Where Losing Applicants, Not ICANN Gets The Money

After ICANN's TLD Application System Glitch, Communication Is the Key

Fake Bank Site, Fake Registrar

The Case for Trademark Protection for Top Level Domains

The Privacy Party and Leaving Dishes in the Sink

Google's Free Public DNS Load Tops VeriSign, Raising Dot-Com Contract Tender Question

World Notices That Verisign Said Three Months Ago That They Had a Security Breach Two Years Ago

New gTLDs and the 1%

Is Africa Ready for a dotAfrica gTLD Future?

Businesses Angry with ICANN's New gTLD Structure, Says CADNA

Why Brands Need Their Own TLD - The Mulberry-Sale Site that Scammed Me

Bringing Order to The World's Cybrary: New TLDs Make Sense to Organize the Chaos of the Internet

Inconsistencies in ICANN New TLD Application Fees

ICANN's "Unelected" Crisis

UK Domain Registry Considers Criminal Domain Takedown Rules

The User Experience with New TLDs: How to Avoid the Junk Mail File or 'User Unknown'

New gTLD Auctions and Potential Unintended Consequences

The Trembling Trademark Owners

ICANN Board - GAC Geneva Meeting: Open to Observers?

The Dotcom Kingdom

Plutocrats and the Internet

Openness and Transparency: ICANN Takes an Important Step in the Right Direction

Putting String Similarity into Context: Bulgaria's IDN (.бг) vs. Brazil's ccTLD (.br)

DNS RPZ, Malicious Domains... Bring Your Own Policy. Dress Casual.

.XXX Puzzle Pieces Start to Come Together: And the Picture is Ugly

Abusive Anti-Anti-Spam Scheme a Dreadful Strategy

Internet to ITU: Stay Away from My Network

What's Wrong With Spam Prosecutions

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